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Water Therapy?

It Treat?

It Treat?

Our Peak Performance cold, saltwater spa is a powerful, natural therapy that aids in the rehabilitation of lower leg injuries. Equally as important, implementing the spa into your day to day training regimen is a powerful, preventative therapy; reducing the risk that routine lower leg inflammation escalates into a more serious injury. When a soft tissue strain or injury occurs, inflammatory white blood cells flood the injured area which we see as heat and inflammation, and the horse senses as pain. Left alone, this process escalates with the end result being weak collagenase fibers that try to heal the injured area. Cold hydrotherapy minimizes the formation of these weak fibers by keeping the leg temperature lower and reducing swelling. Under these conditions, collagen fibers can repair themselves in a more organized fashion.

The Salt Spa uses the following four main factors to create a natural, therapeutic experience for your horse:

  • Temperature chilled at 34-36 degrees F providing pain management and inhibition of the inflammatory process. Constriction of blood vessels occurs during the treatment, reducing the amount of fluid that accumulates in the injured area. Following the treatment, a massive rush of arterial blood flows to the chilled area, providing exponential healing power. (Horses inherently have little blood flow to their extremities which is why they are slower to heal, and why this therapy is so important for treatment and prevention!)

  • Salt Concentration containing a combination of Epsom Salt and salts from the Dead Sea, this solution contains numerous natural minerals that act as a powerful poultice, readily removing wastes and fluids from the extremities. In addition, soaking in this solution is highly effective at treating infections and healing wounds.

  • Aeration dissolves the oxygen in the spa solution and heightens the body’s natural defense system, a process very similar to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Jets massage the soft tissues of the lower extremities, assisting physically with the dispersal of fluids. 

  • Depth of Water the deeper the water, the more pressure exerted on the extremities which aids in eliminating waste and fluid from the legs.

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  • Tendon and Ligament Injuries

  • Suspensory Strains or Tears

  • Arthritis of the Joints 

  • Bursitis/Synoviytis

  • Hoof Injuries/Hoof growth

  • Open Wounds and Skin Infections

  • Post-surgical inflammation

  • Soreness

  • Laminitis and Founder

  • Generalized Inflammation

  • Abscess Treatment (the Peak Performance Spa can also provide warm water for this condition)

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