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WEc ocala 2024

The Peak Performance Equine Spa team is so excited to announce our Fall & Winter location, the World Equestrian Center in Ocala Florida! Scroll down for more information about the spa, where you can find us at the show and how to get on the schedule!

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Tap below to schedule an appointment if your horse has never been in the Peak Performance Spa or any other cold water spa.

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Interested in the Peak Performance Spa for your horse, but unsure what to expect? Take a look at some of our most asked questions below!

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How high does the spa water go? 

Our water is a constant 34 degrees fahrenheit (1-2 degrees C) which provides the joints and soft tissues of the lower leg with dramatic cooling during the entire treatment. (10-12 min.) This means that unlike ice boots that inevitably warm up within the first few minutes of application, your horse’s legs are staying ice cold for 10-12 minutes. This constant temperature provides several benefits: 

  • Pain relief

  • Dramatic decrease in inflammation

  • Vasoconstriction or closing off of vessels in the lower extremities (think pushing fluid out)

  • Massive rush of good blood flow to the foot and lower leg after treatment is over. 

  • Prevention of injury. When soft tissues are strained or sustain minor injury, cooling them properly and quickly is essential in preventing scar tissue and poor healing.

What type of salt, and how much salt is in the water?

There is 50 pounds of Epsom Salt and 50 pounds of Dead Sea Salts and Minerals in the 250 Gallon tank of water. This ratio provides incredible benefits to your horse including: 

  • Poultice effect- inflammation is drawn out of the soft tissues and joints of the lower legs.

  • Pain relief

  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, and healing properties that combat scratches, thrush, minor cuts and wounds, and quarter cracks.

How high does the spa water go?

The water in the spa can go well above the horse’s hocks and knees, and this is the ideal level for treatment. With horses that are new to the spa, we may start out with the water very low around the hoof, and then slowly increase as they become more comfortable.

How long does a treatment take?

About 15 minutes. A 10 minute timer starts when the water reaches the desired level. It takes about 2-3 minutes to fill, and 2-3 minutes to empty. 

How will my horse react if they’ve never been in a spa before?

Of course every horse is different, but most horses need a few times in the spa with a very small amount of water in order to become accustomed to the spa and learn that it’s a good thing. When a horse first gets in the spa, we make sure they are comfortable with no water, we walk them back and forth and give them treats. Once we add a bit of water, we repeat the process and give them a chance to see and know that the water is there. We never get the water very high on a new horse, and we never push them if they seem too uncomfortable. We find that after 2-3 positive experiences with the spa, horses typically walk themselves into the spa and love it!

Should I utilize the spa before or after I show?

Most people choose to use the spa as a method of recovery and prevention, and therefore prefer to spa their horse after they compete. However, we have many clients who prefer to spa their horses prior to a big event or class to keep them feeling their absolute best for competition. We have many clients who spa their horses every day; believing that they are preventing injury, helping them recover faster, and keeping them performing their best!

How soon can I ride or show my horse after a spa treatment?

You can ride or show your horse 3 hours after a spa treatment. Prior to this, the horse’s legs may feel a little numb or odd.

Is the cold, salt spa “legal” for all levels of competition, specifically FEI competition?

Yes. Because it is an all-natural therapy with just salt and water, there are no restrictions for use of the spa during competition.

What performance results will I notice from having my horse in the spa?

You will feel that your horse is moving and jumping more freely. Clients feel that regular use of the cold, salt spa helps their horse to feel like they are moving better than ever even when it’s the end of a hard show week!

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